Ordinary People

So, as I was saying in my previous post, I finally finished watching the first season of Insecure, the HBO series starring Issa Rae and Yvonne Orji.

I don’t watch much telly and don’t keep up, so I had not heard of the show. I happened upon it when googling about Nigeria: one link led to another and I suddenly found myself watching a recording of a radio interview with Yvonne Orji.

Orji is my partner Don’s surname and in the interview the radio host remarks on how it sounds like Orgy, something I’ve always laughed about.

Anyway, I looked up Insecure immediately after that, started watching the series, and binged on Season 1’s final three episodes today.

OK, if you haven’t yet watched the series and intend to, there will probably be spoilers after the ‘read more’ tag.Read More »

“Walking to the bright lights in sorrow …”


I’ve just realised that it was Jeff Buckely’s birthday yesterday. He would be 50 if he had lived.

I first started listening to Buckley after I read a Rolling Stone article about him. It must have been 1994. Three years later he was dead.

Grace is still one of my favourite albums of all time.

R.I.P Jeff Buckley (1966-1997)

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School or Haunted House?

    monica-barengoFrom Monica Barengo’s Vampire series.

Here is a picture by another artist I found on Pinterest. Her name is Monica Barengo and this is from her Vampire series. For more of her beautiful art, visit her blog.

This is another great writing prompt, but I think the story would change depending on whether or not you knew the series title. When I first saw the picture, without the series title, I imagined that these two young ladies were walking to their new school, something like the one in What Katy Did at School by Susan Coolidge. If I were to write a story based on this, I would be inclined to ignore any references to vampires.

It’s in the trees! It’s coming!


I’ve been singing Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill in the car a lot lately. The reasons are not a mystery to me, but I don’t feel like going into them right now.

I made a funeral playlist on YouTube a while back and that song is in it. A funeral playlist is not supposed to consist of funereal songs – that is not my interpretation anyway. I chose songs that are significant to me and my life, and there should be many more than just twelve songs, so I will add to it by and by.

The Hounds of Love (Kate Bush’s 1985 album) was released in 1985. I was eighteen and I remember leaping around my room to Running Up the Hill (the first single), and falling in love with The Ninth Wave, the concept piece on Side B.  Read More »

Barbie the Barbarian

These always make me laugh. Most are by Mariel Clayton and are so extreme they are just ridiculous. You can find out more in these interviews with Clayton, with Kaltbult Magazine and Streetcouch.

On the other hand, Dina Goldstein’s Barbie-inspired pictures are kinda sad. Especially the one below. For the full story check out Goldstein’s In the Dollhouse collection here.