I gotta get out of this place

I’m waiting to download the final episode of Girls’ fifth season so I can blog about Epis 8, 9 and 10 and get all my shallow observations off my chest.

Episode 9 took forever to download because torrent after torrent was a dud. I’m suffering from mild anxiety now because I’m wondering what I’m going to do after Episode 10?’ Will I have nothing to look forward to til next year? I do not want to watch Mindy Kaling.

I am thinking of reviewing Girls, from Season 1. How will it parallel my re-read of Barbara Pym’s novels? Already my Pontianak short story has a High Anglican flavour.

Playing snatch

I was so distracted by Hannah’s reaction to Adam and Jessa being together that I forgot that she flashes the principal of her school in the very first scene of the episode.

Actually, when I first watched the scene I thought she was wearing lacy underwear. It turns out that she was not. She wasn’t wearing anything at all, and in an interview she says she thought that having a fuller bush would have worked better.

Yeah, I think I mistook her skimpy pubic hair for lace.Read More »

Big girls don’t cry part 2

So, I ‘ve been thinking of that final scene in the latest episode of Girls (season 5) and I just watched it again. It’s not as devastating this time round, but still pretty painful.

I’m just wondering what Hannah’s reaction means. Is there more to it than feeling shocked and hurt that two of her closest friends have lied to her? Or is she still in love with Adam?

Watching the scene, I realised something: I’ve felt those intense feelings of sadness having realised or been told that I’ve lost someone, and of course, the feelings have passed after some time, but the memory of those emotions doesn’t fade. They’re right there, easily called up, so easily recognised. I don’t ever want to feel like that again, and who’s to say I will. But … I know that trust can be broken in the blink of an eye, when you least expect it to be – although you may later realise that all the signs were there all along.


The look of love: Hannah recognises that Jessa’s smiling face spells betrayal.

Big girls don’t cry, part 1

I said I was only going to blog again about Girls til after the final episode of the current season, but I just watched Episode 7 and the final scene left me feeling gutted.

Oh, Hannah. Her face when Jessa and Adam walk away together – Lena Dunham deserves an Emmy just for her expression. I felt every break up I’d gone through, every revelation that the person I’d trusted had deceived me, when I watched her play that scene.

What next? I’m almost afraid to find out.


Everything hurts.

Girly pleasure

I guess Lena Dunham’s Girls is my guilty pleasure. Guilty because there’s so much about the series that annoys me, including that it’s just wayyyyy too white, and just about every character is a whiny, spoilt, selfish brat. I shouldn’t enjoy but, to quote ABBA, ‘I do, I do, I do, I do, I do.’

Not a nice bone in any of these characters.
At some point in the first four seasons, I realised that every single character in Girls is nasty and narcissistic. Did I know this in Season 1? I can’t remember, but back then I was all starry eyed over the series having fat central character. (For the record, I don’t think Lena Dunham is fat, but eight out of  10 of my friends would  think she is, and she is certainly fat by Hollywood standards.)

I still like that the lead in Girls  doesn’t have a flat stomach and a thigh-gap. Frankly, it’s a relief seeing Lena Dunham, as Hannah, wobble all over the place, and naked too, and for that reason alone, I’m happy that Girls  exists and I’ll be sad to see it go (apparently Season 6 will be its last).


A real Girl
However, could the characters be more self-centred? Perhaps it’s being in my 40s that makes me want to knock all their heads together. Wasn’t I as stupid in my 20s? Yes, I was. But as mean? And as self-absorbed? I honestly don’t think so.

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