Ring, ring

ring ring

‘If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it.’
~ from Put a Ring on It by Beyonce Knowles

Someone said it’s a powerful feminist statement, but I feel it buys into the patriachal notion of ownership through marriage, and also discounts women who choose to want ‘it’ and don’t require men to ‘put rings on it’ first.

Perhaps the sentiments are in the right place: Don’t assume you can just have me without my permission. But, in my opinion, it stinks of sex having a price tag, and women using their bodies as bargaining tools. Or rewards. And I don’t like it one bit.

Save yourself, feed Africans


‘She has no running water, no makeup, no clothes but the ones she herself has sewn, and no strict diet to follow – her figure is kept flawless because she is in a constant state of malnutrition. ‘

This and other send-ups of the “white saviour” trope are on Barbie Savior’s Instagram page.  The entries are hilarious, but also horrifying – because of they reflect the reality of widespread attitudes towards communities in Africa and Asia.

If you haven’t yet, you have to read this excerpt from Louise Linton’s memoir about how her gap year (spent saving Africa) turned into a nightmare, and also this brilliant send-up of her book.

But lies and satire aside, here’s Teju Cole‘s well-considered argument against ‘the white saviour industrial complex’.

I. Cannot.

I was channel surfing today at Don’s, and ended up watching a Malay teledrama called Embargo. It had pretty tacky production values and bad acting, and the story was like WTF ridiculous, but I had to keep watching to the end (and it just got worse and worse).

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Love, or something like it


A couple of months ago, I read Doris Lessing’s Love, Again and it left me feeling kind of cheated.

It’s about Sarah Durham, a 65-year-old woman, one of four founding members of a theatre company that is staging a play about the life of a young coloured woman, a 19th century poet and artist who loved and lost two men, and committed suicide on the eve of a marriage that, superficially at least, would have gained her respectability and acceptance.

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Until next season

I’m feeling sad because I’ve loved this season of Girls. WHAT WILL I DO WHEN THE SERIES ENDS next year?Read More »