Caturday: Spirit Tigers

There is a story (from my soon-to-be-published collection), in which five spirit tigers are accidentally summoned by someone playing a YouTube recording of a spell.


This picture, by Steve Simpson, reminds me of my spirit tigers. However, in my story, one of the tigers is a disembodied head — the spell is incomplete and she does not manifest completely.

(This is actually a mural for a Korean restaurant and you can see sketches by the artist at his Behance site.)

Caturday: Katie Cat


Kate wakes one moonlit night and is invited, by a white-furred, blue-eyed cat, to join him on an adventure in dreamland.


The best part of this escapade is that Kate experiences it as a pretty grey-striped cat! Even the moon morphs into a beautiful feline and joins Kate and her new friend on their journey, through the dream-filled skies.


This book is very like Lane Smith’s The Big Pets in its magical, dreamy feel, and the glowing illustrations that look like they’ve been dipped in milk!





Caturday: King of the Cats


‘You may call me Carbonel. That is my name.’

This haughty black cat is the star of Barbara Sleigh’s books Carbonel: The King of the Cats; The Kingdom of Carbonel; and Carbonel and Calidor.


Caturday: Jennie Baldrin


Jennie Baldrin is the kind and brave little cat who looks after the boy Peter when, following being knocked down by a car, he finds himself transformed into a cat!

Jennie, who has been abandoned by her humans (when they move to the States), takes Peter under her furry wing and shows him the ways of cats.

Jennie, the novel, is by Paul Gallico. My secondhand copy [picture] was given to me by a Scottish friend who, I’m sad to say, I’ve lost touch with. It is a 1967 Penguin edition with its price on the cover (only 3/6!) and a lovely handwritten inscription on the dedication page: ‘8.8.68, Grandma and Aunty, With best wishes from one “cat” household to another.’

There have been many editions of Jennie, each with a quite different cat on its cover, but this is the sweet face I think of when I think of Jennie, even though she’s supposed to be tabby, not ginger.

Jennie 2
Art by David Gentleman

Caturday: Tyger, Tyger Burning Bright


This Caturday’s cat is Judith Kerr’s tiger, who came to tea, ate every bit of food in the house and drank all the water in the tap: I’m impressed that it didn’t eat Sophie and her mum!