Caturday: Mog


She really needs no introduction.

Caturday: He is a Cat!

Here are sixteen depictions of the nameless feline protagonist of Natsume Soseki’s I Am a Cat.


Caturday: The Big Cat


Today’s cat is from one of my favourite picture books of all time: Lane Smith’s The Big Pets. As the title suggests, the pets in this book are large, and not just regular-large, they’re as big as houses! On some nights, the children and their animals go to special places to play. The cats head to the Milk-Pool or the Scratching Forest, or the place where the ‘Stringy Vines tease’. The dogs and their children frolic in the Bone Gardens; and in the Grassy Plains, the pet snakes roll and tumble.

And on some extra special nights, there is an entire milky way to play in …


Caturday: Behemoth

By Viktor Yegimenko, featured on The Master & Margarita website.

Behemoth is the large black cat from The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov.

He is a demon, part of the Devil’s posse, a cruel and violent beast who walks on twos, carries a pistol and loves chess, vodka and pickled mushrooms. Not a nice kitty at all, but I rather admire him, maybe even want to be him.