Angel[s] of My Lifetime

While we’re on the subject of boy bands, I can’t believe this was released in 1992. I can’t believe I was twenty-five. I can’t believe I was ever twenty-five.

But Take That was not, to me, what BTS is to my daughter. I am only a ‘greatest hits’ fan of their’s. My BTS was probably Duran Duran or Culture Club (although neither could be described as a boy band), but there wasn’t a Yoonmin equivalent. I can’t imagine shipping any of the members of either band. But I imagine that if Duran Duran were a band today, John Taylor and Nick Rhodes might get shipped — Jick? Or Simon and Nick — Sick? Brilliant, definitely Sick! Or maybe a Taylor three-way — Jorandy!

Favourite BTS Songs

Five years ago, in response to one of my Facebook posts, a friend remarked that I was living in a Korean drama. At that point, I hadn’t watched any of these Korean series, and never imagined that I’d become low-key hooked on them. Or that I’d have a BTS playlist and it’d be on repeat all the time!

Anyway, that’s what this post is about, my favourite BTS songs. Do NOT read if you’re not a fan!Read More »

#AtoZChallenge: R


R is for RM.

Not Malaysia’s currency, but a member of the Korean pop group BTS.

Noooo, I am not a fan, but my daughter is, and so, I’ve had a earworm of their latest single Boy With Luv for the last few days.

Well, my Ma used to listen to my favourite bands with me and I’m paying it forward, I guess. I’m trying to memorise the names of all the members of the group. My daughter said: ‘There are only seven names to remember: You’re lucky there aren’t twenty of them!’ Indeed!