Wanker Alert

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The message above was from ‘Raincity Dreamer’, the latest wanker I matched with on the dating app OK Cupid. It annoyed me, but didn’t hurt me, which I think it was supposed to.

Here’s the entire conversation:


Ash isn’t the first rude person I’ve encountered online. So many men react with mean, hurtful, misogynistic words the moment it’s clear that you’re not the sort of woman they’d hoped you’d be. I don’t know why there’s a need to be unkind, but apparently it’s caused by insecurity: It seems that putting a woman down and upsetting her makes them feel good (better?) about themselves. I find this bizarre, but I guess they really aren’t worth the time and effort it’ll take me to figure out their behaviour.

If you’re browsing OKC in the Klang Valley, this is one guy you should definitely swipe left on.



Caturday: Jennie Baldrin


Jennie Baldrin is the kind and brave little cat who looks after the boy Peter when, following being knocked down by a car, he finds himself transformed into a cat!

Jennie, who has been abandoned by her humans (when they move to the States), takes Peter under her furry wing and shows him the ways of cats.

Jennie, the novel, is by Paul Gallico. My secondhand copy [picture] was given to me by a Scottish friend who, I’m sad to say, I’ve lost touch with. It is a 1967 Penguin edition with its price on the cover (only 3/6!) and a lovely handwritten inscription on the dedication page: ‘8.8.68, Grandma and Aunty, With best wishes from one “cat” household to another.’

There have been many editions of Jennie, each with a quite different cat on its cover, but this is the sweet face I think of when I think of Jennie, even though she’s supposed to be tabby, not ginger.

Jennie 2
Art by David Gentleman

Fashion Valet Fail

‘breaking stereotypes and embracing your curves no matter what size you’re in’?

Do you know why that line from Fashion Valet’s Min Luna X page is so much bullshit? Because if Fashion Valet and the designer were really interested in ‘breaking stereotypes’ and ’embracing curves’, they would have …

1) used plus size models instead of the usual ‘regular’ sized one you see modelling the clothes.

How can FV and the designer talk about embracing curves when they’re not willing to embrace any in their campaign? And how are women with curves supposed to assess how these clothes look on themselves, i.e. women who have curves, when they are only shown on a model with next to none?

2) made the clothes available in sizes larger than just the current UK14 maximum. (There’s a limit to embracing one’s curves, I guess.)

3) not given the outfits insulting names like ‘Look Taller’ ‘Hide Your Flaws’, ‘Cover Up Jacket’, ‘Hide Your Bum’, ‘Slimmer Thighs’ and ‘Longer Legs’.

So, first they say women should ’embrace’ their ‘curves’ and are ‘all beautiful’ in ‘unique’ ways and then they suggest that
a) these unique curves should be covered and hidden;

b) that these curvy women who are beautifully unique should aspire to longer legs and slimmer thighs?

c) that these vertically-challenged women should try to look taller because … all heights are uniquely beautiful, but some are more beautiful than others?

d) that these same women should hide their ‘flaws’? What flaws? I thought everyone is beautiful in unique ways?

Perhaps Fashion Valet and Min Luna should think of firing their copywriter.

This fashion line is dodgy has hell, and stinks of insincerity and shallowness. FashionValet.com and Min Luna really need to do better. They need to STOP insulting women and STOP pretending to believe that women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful. It’s obvious that they don’t.

‘Beautiful no matter your size … as long as your size is UK14 and under.’


Apple-and-Condensed-Milk Sandwiches

chunky coverToday’s delicious excerpts are from The Adventures of Chunky by Leila Berg, with illustrations by George Downs.

The book was first published in 1950, but it was a 1965 Oxford Children’s Library hardback edition that my father rescued (from his school library’s garbage heap) and brought home for me. Unfortunately, I lost that copy, but I managed to replace it in the late 90s.

Chunky’s real name is Joseph but he’s called Chunky because he enjoys food, like chocolate and bread and toffee, in chunks rather than neat slices or squares.

Chunky’s parents are scientists. They are always off experimenting on something or other so Chunky gets left to fend for himself quite a bit. However, he has his best friend Mike, the widow Mrs Spriggs and her niece Tangie to keep him company.

More than thirty years after I had first read this book, I still remembered many of Chunky’s adventures, like the time he taught a pig to be a music conductor, and when he found himself being followed by hordes of stray cats. I also remembered that when Chunky’s parents are off on one of their working trips, they always leave Chunky the most yummy-sounding packed lunches, teas and dinners.

Here are three excerpts describing meals from the book:Read More »

WWW Wednesday

What are you currently reading?


A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent by Marie Brennan

I am reading this because the Kinokuniya SFF Bookclub is discussing it on the 25th. I have wanted to read it for some time anyway so this is great motivation. So far, I am enjoying it. Love that, in this book, dragons are as common as cats.


What did you recently finish reading?


The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo

A young boy tries to deal with the death of his mother; his clueless dad and being bullied at his new school. Then he finds a caged tiger in the woods and meets a girl with issues of her own, and life goes on, but not quite how he planned it would.

LIke DiCamillo’s other books, this made my heart both ache and sing. I would have liked it to continue for a couple more chapters though.


What do you think you’ll read next?

Legends of the Condor Heroes, Book 1 by Jin Yong and Sweet Bean Paste by Dirian Sukegawa. I have started them both and want to finish them. The former might take a while as it’s very fat and I’m not sure if wuxia (martial arts) novels suit me.