Composed by Edward Gorey

If I could spend a few hours each week in a picture, it would have to be in one drawn by Edward Gorey. There would never be a dull moment, although it might be more genteel excitement that I could take.

edward gorey

As writing pictures go this is damned near as perfect as it gets. Look at her! We should all be able to assume such elegance of posture and countenance while contemplating the construction of a perfect sentence while a dead body lies at our feet.

Purrfect Combination


By Monica Barengo

A book, cats, tea. Yes.

No Ants

Remember the picture by Botero of a woman lying on the grass and reading? This one is much better. No ants crawling up your leg to nestle in your pubes.

I can’t read lying on my stomach though. My head feels like it’s going to fall off. Maybe I have a particularly heavy head.


Put Your Feet Up


A Woman Reading by Henri Lebasque

I have been discussing my study with my partner. My study that is to come. My study in our house in Lagos, Nigeria. I have four rooms to choose from. Three on the first floor, one on the ground floor. Books are heavy so I think I should have the ground floor room. I hope it is bright and airy. It is quite large from what I’ve seen when Don facetimed me while he walked through the house. I will have a sofa that I can lie on to read, because horizontal is my favourite reading position; I will have shelves for my books; a desk to write on, with drawers in which I can keep my pens and notebooks; I will have vases of flowers; and cabinets and tables for all my lovely bits and pieces.


Cecile Dormeau’s art features women shaped like me, but who are much more colourful that I am. I covet their bright, rainbow shades and general air of not giving fucks except for the important stuff.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to totally cure myself from caring about stupid things, esp what unimportant fucktards think and say about me. The battle continues.