Mim and Her Small White Cat

Mim stickers are my new favourite thing. There are days when I wish I could communicate using nothing but. Even in real life. Imagine, being able to suddenly project Mim and her small white cat out of my forehead. Or to transform into Mim disco dancing or breathing fire. I’ve even downloaded the Mobile Girl MiM sticker app for my phone. So sad I can only use it for iMessage. (I do not believe this post! Like WTF!)




First my Surface Pro died. Then my reading glasses broke. Can’t afford to replace them so I guess I’m now on holiday.

Have you cuddled laterly?

So there’s an app that allows you to connect with people who want to cuddle. Truly.

It’s called cuddlr and I downloaded it last night and saw, to my morbid fascination, that there were four Malaysian guys listed as wanting to cuddle. One of them was just five minutes away from me!

Cuddling is no big deal. It’s weird to cuddle with a stranger, but in the grand scheme of weirdness, it’s pretty tame stuff. For all I know someone has created a used-panties app, but, let’s go down that road another day, shall we?

For now … cuddlr.


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