A ‘Mix-Tape’ for Marisa

A mix-tape for Marisa ❤

The Garden of Jane Delawney by Trees


Have you Heard the News Today by Cosmic Rough Riders


These Days by Nico


Northen Sky by Nick Drake


Autopsy by Fairport Convention


White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes


Little Girl Blue by Nina Simone


She’s Got Medals by David Bowie


Hounds of Love by Kate Bush


Next Life by Suede


Remembrance of Things Past

I have a new post up on my blog about my family. Feedback would be most welcome. Thanks.

And just like that, four months have gone by …

I recently realised that I’d gone four months without writing a WIP report that I usually update every two months. It helps me and my higher-up keep up with mss that I’m working on, but of late there’s been not much happening except a lot of reading and commenting, and then more reading of re-writes. Anyway, I could have sworn that it wasn’t more than a month or so that I’d last done a WIP spread sheet, but actually, the last one was for April/May 2017. Oh the horror.

Time is passing by too fast. That is the way it is when you’re a grown-ass woman with responsibilities. But maybe it’s also the case if you’re drifting, sleeping the days away and letting each day fade into the next so that they end up being indistinguishable. (One day I shall take a three-month holiday to do just that.)

I’ve been busy. Reading and assessing mss take up big, fat chunks of time and yet it feels like you’re not doing too much and you end up thinking that you should be more active and productive. Then there is all the usual management of the household, which is exhausting and takes up so much time and leaves me feeling totally zonked.

Then I went to Penang for four nights, and it was mostly lovely, but also stressful because I spent a great deal of time with family, and let’s just say that a couple of them brought out the worst in a couple of others. Also, there were two under threes present and just looking at children that age makes me tired.

I spent my final night at an airbnb, alone, and had two half-days pottering about George Town, which I loved. I was thinking of going to Hanoi, but I’m now thinking maybe I should go to George Town again.

I need more time alone, to do nothing but wander and wonder, and read and think about the million things I want to do.

Coming up, a post on my visit to George Town.


Back [l to r]: Kelli; Derek; Tiffany; Issa’s brother; Issa; Sweetie (Kelli’s date); Smug-as-Shit Aparna; random friend of Derek. Front [r to l]: Random friend’s partner; Dro the Cheating Scoundrel; Candice, the Cheater’s wife; Molly; Lawrence. — This photo is property of HBO
What kind of disrespectful arsehole takes his current girlfriend to the birthday party of a friend he got to know through his ex, knowing his ex will be there? A fuckboy, that’s what kind of arsehole. And a fuckboy who thinks he’s a nice guy. Tasha was sooooo right.

So, I watched the penultimate episode (‘Hella Disrespectful’) of the second season of Insecure early this morning and, after also watching the finale teaser, I have no idea what to expect next.

It seems like Issa and Lawrence aren’t thinking straight and I admit that I’m half hoping that the reason for this is that they still love one another and need to sort things out and get back together. I’m torn about this.

I started the season really wanting them to be a couple again, but as the episodes went by, I started disliking Lawrence and thinking he’s not right for Issa. I also started liking Daniel more and more. And I still think Issa is being silly about what happened between them in Episode 6.

‘He embarrassed me,’ she whines to Molly, who also over-reacts, although perhaps not, as we don’t get to hear exactly what Issa has told her.

I’d actually like to know how Issa (mis)read the incident. When Daniel says, ‘So now we’re even’ she over-reacts once again. I think he meant, ‘So now we’ve both done things we shouldn’t be proud of’, but she reads it as ‘What I did was payback.’ Has she forgotten that she callously told him that he was an itch she needed to scratch? Why isn’t Episode 7 called ‘Hella Self-righteous’?

One explanation for Issa misunderstanding Daniel; and for Lawrence’s bad decision to take Aparna to Derek’s birthday party; for the nasty things they say to one another; and, finally, for Issa thrashing her flat, is that they have both reached breaking point. Whether or not this means they are still in love and will decide to reunite is anyone’s guess.

This photo is the property of HBO

It could be that they just needed to get those nasty words out; that Lawrence (consciously or otherwise) needed to hurt Issa as much as he’d been hurt by her; that Issa needs some time to rest and recover, without the distractions of a hoetation; Lawrence ditto.

The teaser indicates that Lawrence will visit Issa. Maybe it’s to make up. Maybe it’s just to be human, apologise, admit the part he played in the breakdown and breakup of their relationship, and then move on … hopefully without Aparna. I don’t like the girl. She seems smug to me. (Also, why would she go to that party knowing Lawrence’s ex would be there. That girl is either stupid, or she’s looking for trouble.)

Molly … I hope she sticks to her decision to stop seeing Dro. No way is he in an open marriage, that lying ass sonofabitch.

I can’t wait for Sunday and the finale, but of course I’m also dreading life without Insecure.


All Shook Up

Insecure Season 2 is really pushing all my buttons, in all kinds of ways. This post is me unpacking what’s happened in the series, trying to make sense of how all the characters are behaving. I’m taking this series very seriously because my heart hurts when I watch it. But in a good way.

If you haven’t watched the series or the current season (2), there are lots of spoilers after this para.Read More »