Caturday: Goodbye Judith

An illustration from the final ‘Mog’ book ‘Goodbye Mog’.

On 22nd May, 2019 the world said goodbye to beloved author and illustrator Judith Kerr.

Kerr was best known as the creator of the Mog the Cat picture books, The Tiger Came to Tea and When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit.

Rest in peace, Judith. May it now be endless teatime treats for you, Mog and the gentlemanly tiger.


Caturday: Millions of Meows

millions of cats


I love cats but I don’t think I could cope with millions of them. Who could! Imagine them all bringing gifts of dead birds and toads and tree shrews!

Caturday: Mog


She really needs no introduction.

Caturday: He is a Cat!

Here are sixteen depictions of the nameless feline protagonist of Natsume Soseki’s I Am a Cat.


Caturday: The Big Cat


Today’s cat is from one of my favourite picture books of all time: Lane Smith’s The Big Pets. As the title suggests, the pets in this book are large, and not just regular-large, they’re as big as houses! On some nights, the children and their animals go to special places to play. The cats head to the Milk-Pool or the Scratching Forest, or the place where the ‘Stringy Vines tease’. The dogs and their children frolic in the Bone Gardens; and in the Grassy Plains, the pet snakes roll and tumble.

And on some extra special nights, there is an entire milky way to play in …