Caturday: Spirit Tigers

There is a story (from my soon-to-be-published collection), in which five spirit tigers are accidentally summoned by someone playing a YouTube recording of a spell.


This picture, by Steve Simpson, reminds me of my spirit tigers. However, in my story, one of the tigers is a disembodied head — the spell is incomplete and she does not manifest completely.

(This is actually a mural for a Korean restaurant and you can see sketches by the artist at his Behance site.)


Caturday: No More Twist!

Simpkin returns with a ‘penn’orth of bread, a penn’orth of milk and a penn’orth of sausages. And the all-important penn’orth of cherry-coloured silk.

Is it really Caturday again?

I know I just featured a Beatrix Potter cat a couple of Caturdays ago, but here is another one, called Simpkin.

He is from The Tailor of Gloucester and is the tailor’s cat, and sort of assistant. The tailor sends him out to buy food and thread, but Simpkin’s fondness for mice gets the better of him.

All ends well though, with Simpkin properly repentant.

The Tailor of Gloucester in available to read and download at Project Gutenberg.


Caturday: Dayan

Dayan and his shadow in ‘Chibikuro Party’.

Dayan is a fluffy little cat with exceptionally large eyes. He lives in the countryside, in a village called Wachifield, where magical things happen.

As far as I know, there are just four Dayan books (by Akiko Ikeda) that have been translated into English: Dayan’s Birthday; Thursday Rainy Party; White Eurocka; and Chibikuro Party. Yes, he does seem to be a bit of a party animal.

Dayan’s shadow, Chip.

My favourite is Chibikuro Party, which is about a party for shadows. You can read more about Dayan and the books here.


Caturday: Ginger Shopkeeper

Ginger CatThis Caturday’s cat is Ginger from Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Ginger and Pickles.

Ginger and Pickles owned a grocery shop: ‘Ginger was a yellow tom-cat, and Pickles was a terrier.’

The rabbit customers were afraid of Pickles, but the mice … ‘Ginger usually requested Pickles to serve them, because he said it made his mouth water.’


The shop failed because Ginger and Pickles gave unlimited credit. But all ends well with Ginger living in a warren and getting stout.

The book is available on Project Gutenberg.

Caturday: Harry Cat

harry7My flat has a resident mouse (Robert) that I am desperately trying to catch and remove. I think he was adopted by my cats who have made friends with him. Once I shut the cats up in a kitchen cabinet with Robert and when I opened the door a few minutes later, the cats were just sitting there, looking bored and I saw Robert scrurrying away.

My intention is to trap Robert and take him to the park where he will be released. Hopefully, he will be able to survive there. As much as I like the idea of my cats having a pet mouse, I can’t have Rob hanging around because … disease and death!

Robert and my cats remind me of Tucker Mouse and his pal Harry Cat. We first meet the pair in George Selden’s A Cricket in Times Square, and they are also in Tucker’s Countryside (1969); Harry Cat’s Pet Puppy (1974); and the prequel Harry Kitten and Tucker Mouse (1986).

In the prequel we learn how Harry chose his name. He’d overheard two friends talking and one said to the other, ‘Harry — you’re a character!’

The kitten’s eyes blazed at the  memory. ‘”Harry — you’re a character!” the kid said. So I knew that was my name,’ said the kitten, ‘since I’ve always wanted to be a character. And a character‘s name is Harry!’

The books are illustrated by Garth Williams who most know as the artist for Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House series.