A Mellow, Sweet Taste Unfurled


I was recently in Singapore for six days and it’s taken me more than a week to catch up with life and start blogging again.

Whenever I’m in Singapore I eat dry fishball noodles or mince pork noodles. It tastes much better there than it does here. (I’m sure this declaration will send most Malaysians into a rage, but, on the whole, I prefer Singaporean food to Malaysian food. Or maybe it’s my home state, Johor’s food I remember and love, and Singapore is close enough to Johor for its food to be similar, while KL is a totally different world.)


When in Singapore I also try to have coffee and kaya toast at Yakun. It’s a chain, but the toast is consistently well made at all its outlets, as far as I can tell. This time round, my best friend Jenny (She’s Singaporean) and I had Saturday breakfast at the Yakun at Fortune Centre on Middle Road. We had kaya and butter toast as well as buttered toast sprinkled with sugar. We drank kopi C kosong, which is sugarless coffee with evaporated milk.

I haven’t had good kaya toast in KL so I look forward to my visits to Yakun in Singapore. I wonder if anyone has described this traditional kopi tiam breakfast (coffee and kaya toast) in a book.Read More »


A New Comfort Read

www3It took me a while as I’ve been busy with editing deadlines, but I finally finished reading Sweet Bean Paste by Durian Sukegawa.

I loved it and I’m glad I was ‘forced’ to take my time with it.

The book is about Sentaro, a middle-aged man, who works at a dorayaki shop and is pretty tired of his job and his life. Once upon a time he thought he might be a writer, but then he ended up in jail and in debt, and now he simply goes through the motions, making and selling dorayaki in the day and getting drunk in the evenings.

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Caturday: Katie Cat


Kate wakes one moonlit night and is invited, by a white-furred, blue-eyed cat, to join him on an adventure in dreamland.


The best part of this escapade is that Kate experiences it as a pretty grey-striped cat! Even the moon morphs into a beautiful feline and joins Kate and her new friend on their journey, through the dream-filled skies.


This book is very like Lane Smith’s The Big Pets in its magical, dreamy feel, and the glowing illustrations that look like they’ve been dipped in milk!





So Insecure


Insecure Season 3 has launched and I’m not going to wait to binge the whole season or even two or three episodes. I shall watch the show as the episodes air, which is of course painful, but hell, it’s going to be agony when the season ends anyway, so this is training.

I watched Epi 1 (Better-Like) three days after it dropped and it was mostly satisfying. Looks like there’s a lot to work through, not least (and as usual), Issa and Molly’s complete failure to take control of their love lives. Haha, isn’t that why I love the series so much anyway — because I can relate to the girls’ wrong decisions about men? *mock weeps*

Have to say, Daniel looks fine, but Dro … Dro is so ick. He looks like he’s been assembled out of tofu blocks.

Episode 2 (Familiar-Like) focused on Daniel, and the Issa-Daniel storyline and dynamic. I liked how the epi explored the platonic aspect of the relationship, and also Daniel’s insecurities and the way they’re actually good for one another. It’s pretty obvious what’s going to happen there. Or is it?

Can’t wait for Episode 3!


Caturday: King of the Cats


‘You may call me Carbonel. That is my name.’

This haughty black cat is the star of Barbara Sleigh’s books Carbonel: The King of the Cats; The Kingdom of Carbonel; and Carbonel and Calidor.