Books Read in 2020

I doubt I’ll finish another book between now and 1st January, so here are the books I read in 2020, not counting picture books.

Of the sixty-six covers pictured here …

  • Two are long short stories.
  • Six are graphic novels.
  • Seven are short story collections (including one collection of linked stories by Lore Segal).
  • Ten are rereads (Barbara Pym, Ann Leckie, Garret Freeman-Weyr, Kris Lee, Diana Wynne Jones, Qiu Xiaolong).
  • Ten are non-fiction, including essays, memoir, and reference guides.
  • And forty-one are novels/novellas.
  • (Three books among the 66 were published in 2020. I seldom read new books these days.)

I’m rather surprised that, apart from ‘Witch Week’, I didn’t read any middle-school fiction this year.

Frankly, I would love to devote an entire year to re-reading. However, that would mean my TBR pile would grow even taller than it already is.

To date, I have about seventy books on my 2021 reading list and that doesn’t count books I intend to reread for a book club I belong to.

What was your reading year like? And what do you plan to read in 2021?

One thought on “Books Read in 2020

  1. A lovely range of books, Daphne, with even a few titles and authors I recognise! Like you I seldom read newly published novels, though a couple I did manage recently were Susanna Clarke’s Piranesi and Garth Nix’s The Left-handed Booksellers of London, with only four others published in 2020.

    I’ve scheduled a couple of posts either side of the New Year detailing what I’ve read and what I plan for 2021, so all I’d add is that self-isolating and lockdown has increased the number of books read and, consequently, the number of posts I’ve published — after all, I’ve not had much else to do!

    I hope you’ve kept as well and safe as can be hoped: social media occasionally chooses to tell me your news, though I seem not to have been as much on Instagram this year so that’s probably why.


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