#AtoZChallenge: U


U is for umbrella.

I like carrying a foldable umbrella in my bag because I’m paranoid about getting caught in the rain. I also keep an umbrella in the car, just in case. The number of Giordano umbrellas my kids have taken with them and lost! It’s heartbreaking. Sorry, I am somewhat attached to my umbrellas, but I have lost so many myself. I can think of one in a particular, that I bought at Tangs in Singapore. I was desperate and paid too much for it — a white collapsible umbrella that was really beautiful. I don’t know how to describe it, but you could tell just by looking at that it was a high quality umbrella. I lost it and I still think of it although it was thirty years ago. Yes, you can laugh!

I’ve suddenly thought of those oil paper umbrellas from my childhood, the ones that made a ‘stretching’ sound when opened and had a distinctive smell. I wish they still sold them, and not as curiosities that cost the earth. And what about the old black umbrellas with clear glass or plastic handles with flowers inside the glass/plastic?

I have only recently discovered that you should  not leave an open umbrella indoors as it acts as a portal for ghosts to enter our world from hell. I guess I’ve let in dozens of ghosts!

One thought on “#AtoZChallenge: U

  1. I’ve given up on that ban of having open umbrellas indoors, not because they become a ghost portal, or bring bad luck (what I was led to believe) but because how else is one supposed to dry them off under cover? Closed up they retain rainwater and drip indiscriminately all over the floor, open the raindrops are more likely to evaporate.

    I remember those umbrellas with their wooden struts and characteristic smells and creaks from Hong Kong, but oddly I don’t recall any occasion when they had to be used…

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