Caturday: Felix the Cat


I have no idea why but I woke up this morning thinking of Felix the Cat. I was not, as a child, particularly fond of Felix and even now he seems unremarkable. A real-life Felix might be an improvement … but I have never seen a white-faced cat with a totally black body and head. Tuxedo cats usually have a white bib and paws, which Felix does not.

He’s also quite a thin cat. I am not into the lean and hungry look as far as cats go. That cocky grin is also annoying.

I didn’t know til a few minutes ago that he was created (in 1919!) by an Australian cartoonist called Pat Sullivan (I was addicted to the Australian series The Sullivans, but that’s another story), and looked quite different in the 1920s …



He appeared in animated silent cartoons from 1924 and looking like the cat above, and didn’t transition to the Felix we are more familiar with until the 50s, when his show started airing on American TV.



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