Twenty-nine days into January and I am finally writing a post that is not a Caturday one. I apologise for my absence. Between not feeling 100% and wonky wifi, blogging just hasn’t been happening. Hopefully I will be posting more from now on. Then again, I resolve to blog more every new year, and then don’t. Not as much as I think I should.

I think it was last year that I tried to use bookish blog memes to motivate me to blog, with varying degrees of success. I will continue with Top Ten Tuesday, WWW Wednesday, and Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts as and when I have something interesting to blog about, but will not be slavishly sticking to any routine (this is my ‘problem’, isn’t it?).


I am aiming to read fifty books this year, maybe more, but fifty is what I’ve put down as my Good Reads Challenge. I read thirty-five last year, and fifty-one the year before that, and I would like to read more especially instead of watching random YouTube videos for hours.

A book group I belong to on Facebook has announced a monthly challenge and I am hoping to stick to that. I love this group because it comprises mostly people I’ve known (at very least online) for more than twenty years and so we know each other well and don’t need to be polite and stiff to one another, but can argue and tell smutty jokes freely. It started as an email group that discussed Girlsown books, i.e. mostly boarding school stories and classics by authors like Louisa May Alcott, Lucy Montgomery, Susan Coolidge and Frances Hodgson Burnett, but this version on Fb (Finishing School) is more inclusive and aims to be diverse so I’m hoping that at least one of the challenges will involve non-white authors. I shall attempt to blog about each book I read for this challenge.

Last year, I posted on Facebook about my hundred favourite books. However, I got very depressed in November and December and didn’t write about the last twenty or so titles, just posted their pictures. I shall try to list those books here, maybe five at a time.

Lastly, I hope to do the April A-Z blog challenge, with a loose book-related theme.

Here is to reading more and blogging more.





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