Until I summon the energy to post properly, I thought I’d share this incident that happened exactly a year ago. I’d posted about it on Facebook and it. popped up in memories this morning and made me laugh:

A tree shrew came into the house yesterday, causing me to scream like I was being chased by a knife-wielding psychopath. Somehow, these furry creatures don’t scare me out in the open, but when they’re scampering about the flat, panicking cos Boris-Doris is staring at them and licking her lips, they make me panic too.

While I hid in my room, my family (incl BD) tried to encourage the shrew to leave. Some herding was done but as no one involved was a border collie, their efforts made the creature panic even more. At one point, it leapt on Elesh’s shoulder and then bounced off his stomach and disappeared – where to no one could tell.

It was then decided that Mr Shrew had left the building, but a couple of hours later, it crept out from behind the sofa and shot out through the door to the balcony.

This is what Mr Shrew looked like …

I hope to start blogging again soon. There’s a lot I want to discuss but life has been messy, so please bear with me. In the meantime, have a happy tree-shrew-free Sunday!


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