Que Sera Sera

Healing and fortune-telling

I like having my fortune told. I don’t take what I’m told seriously, but I do find it useful. It’s a little like discussing my problems with a therapist. Sometimes life overwhelms me and when someone says this or that may or may not happen, I suddenly see my way through all the mess, or at least have some idea of what I wish to avoid or pursue.

I met with a tarot card reader about five years ago and I suspect he didn’t actually believe in what the cards said, but just knew he was good at sussing people out. I think the best fortune tellers are the ones who are able to ‘read’ people. Unfortunately, they may use this skill to screw with their clients. The guy I saw also did past life regression and when I asked him about that he said that was just a label he used because clients were more convinced when advice was framed that way. I felt he gave me some brilliant advice and made me consider things in ways I hadn’t thought of before. I think he knew I wasn’t really there for the supernatural stuff and so just gave me a frank assessment of my concerns. He cost a lot less than my therapist, so …

But there are fortune tellers who don’t discuss your life or problems with you, but just spit out predictions like ‘You will have a husband with dark skin and large eyes, and you will have two cars.’ That is exactly what one fortune teller told me. At the time, I was rather keen on marriage and so I was happy with what she said.

I actually have a set of Tarot cards — just the Major Arcana, which is used to look at matters of the heart — yes, that’s exactly why I bought them (eyeroll). I used to do readings for myself all the time and so I know how you can interpret the cards in a variety of ways and make it sound like it makes sense in the context of whatever situation they’re supposed to refer to.

I’m not, at the moment, particularly curious about what the future holds. Let it all be a surprise. How could knowing help, anyway, when it could all change with a single sneeze.




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