What I Read in 2017

These are the books I read this year: I don’t know if I’ll manage to finish anything else by the end of Dec, will add on if I do.

As I write this post I am re-reading Over Sea, Under Stone, the first book in The Dark is Rising Sequence by Susan Cooper; I’ve also started Under the Pendulum Sun by Jeannette Ng; and Faith in Writing: Forty Years of Essays by Goenawan Mohamad.

I feel it’s been a good reading year, because I started out telling myself I should not re-read and then realised how silly I was being. I shall continue reading whatever I like in 2018.

Not that it matters, but here’s a breakdown of what I read. If the numbers don’t compute, just blame by poor counting skills:

Re-reads: 14

New Reads: 37

Non-fiction/Memoir: 3

Comics/Illustrated Books: 6

Short Stories: 9

Novels/Novellas: 39

Books published in 2017: 14

By Writers of Colour: 25







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