I see that the last time I blogged was on 23rd November. The time has gone by so quickly, but, at the same time, my life creeps by and even yesterday feels like long time ago.

I haven’t been feeling great, but that’s not my excuse for not blogging. After all, do I need an excuse not to blog? No.

The truth is I just haven’t felt like it. And also, I haven’t felt like anything much, not even reading. I’ve completed  just one book since my last post: Akata Witch (a re-read) by Nnedi Okorafor. (I liked it even better this time round.)

The other book I’m supposed to be reading is MT Anderson’s Landscape with Invisible Hand, but I’m failing, not because it isn’t good. Do I sound crazy when I say that some books hold you at arm’s length? I don’t know, maybe I’m projecting.

I just started Elizabeth Taylor’s The Wedding Group and hope to have better luck there, but I shall also try harder with Anderson’s novel.

While I was in George Town, apart from Akata Witch, I read Dina Zaman’s new collection Holy Men, Holy Women. It’s a compilation of her Malaysian Insider (I think) columns and I stopped reading because I couldn’t bear it: It’s shallow and ignorant and silly. I am supposed to review it for The Star, but I wonder if I can afford to make yet another enemy. Well, perhaps Dina will be sensible about it.

I will blog more regularly. I hope I will be more organised and more diligent and disciplined in 2018. Must try harder all round.




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