I’m not sure whom I’m more disappointed in: the bastard whom I thought was a friend; or me, for being fooled into believing in their sincerity. 

I think I’m naive. I tend to take people at face value which is dumb, really. Why did I believe that someone would regard me as family after a week of text messages and one dinner?

And why would someone say that to anyone? Why keep insisting they regard you as a friend and then freeze you out?

Am I that desperate for company that I’ll believe anything I’m told for some minutes of conversation?


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  1. Not necessarily naive, though maybe over-trusting. We have to trust people, don’t we, for daily living — that we won’t be fed poison in a food outlet, that we’ll be given the right change, that public transport will follow the route it’s advertised to follow — or we’ll end of suspicious of everyone’s motivations, intentions, character. And who’d want to live in a society like that?

    No, it’s individuals we have to learn to read as well as any book, to look for signs of genuineness or sociopathy, for the helping hand or the hand in your purse.

    Now I’ve realised I’m on the autistic spectrum I understand the difficulties I had with interpreting individuals words, faces and gestures in the past and how from bitter experience I developed a non-committal approach to strangers and even acquaintances, how I have few genuine friends who aren’t longstanding or close family.

    Don’t know if any of this helps. Your instinct to trust is a good one; but you could let the voice of experience counsel you to be circumspect about anybody claiming a closeness after only a short acquaintance. It worked for me, anyway. 🙂


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