F is for Fail

Why do I feel guilty for needing support and wanting someone to talk to?

‘They don’t owe me anything.’

This plays on a loop in my head.

However, the flipside to that thought is …

I should not have expected anything from them.

Or …

I expected too much from them.

True of false?

A dear person who is, unfortunately, thousands of miles away, said to me last night that I should not feel ashamed for wanting/needing a friend. I agree and yet, I am writing this post, trying to work out why I feel like garbage for putting an end to a friendship I feel hasn’t been working, and that hasn’t been fair to me.

What’s the point of any ‘friendship’ that involves one party sitting around waiting to be tossed scraps of time by the other person?

It’s not about expecting/needing ‘too much’; it’s about feeling that thought and care and consideration have been in short supply in the first place.






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