Free Advice

I’m just gonna jump straight in (and I may or may not add to this list from time to time):

  • Do NOT ask me how I am/how I’m doing/if I’m OK unless you are truly interested in my answer. If you are hoping/expecting that I will respond with the standard ‘I’m fine/OK’, you may be in for a surprise. There are days when I will just say I’m alright regardless of how I really feel, but most of the time I will tell you how things actually are, and if you don’t want to know then it’s best not to start the ball rolling.
  • If I say I’m worried or stressed or unhappy, do NOT respond by telling me to ‘Relax’.
  • ‘If I say I am struggling to pay my bills, do NOT reply, ‘Almost everyone has money problems’ and ‘There are a lot more people who are worse off than you’.
  • Do NOT call me Daph if you have only just met me.



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