Goodbye Girls

Today I watched the finale of Lena Dunham’s Girls.

It wasn’t what I expected, but I guess some story and character threads, like the Adam-Hannah relationship; and Hannah’s friendship with Jessa were tied up in earlier episodes. 

Of the girls, only Hannah and Marnie appear in the series’ last ever episode. Hannah has her baby and is her usual selfish self. Marnie has practically forced herself onto her as a co-parent, and Hannah both resents and over-depends on her best friend. Granted she’s stressed and also scared and (I remember this)  probably mentally, physically and emionally exhausted. Still, I was surprised when she said what she did to her mother who visits after being summoned by a frazzled Marnie. Should we take it as hormones and stress talking or is it just Hannah being characteristically obnoxious, only much worse than usual. 

But after storming out of her house and wondering around for hours, a chance meeting with a petulant, bratty teenager flips a switch and allows Hannah some insight into her relationship with her mother and her own new role as a parent. 

The episode is too short to be satisfying but it’s nice to be left with some sort of reassurance that Hannah and Baby Grover (!) will be OK. 

It’s a little sad that the friendship between the four women didn’t make it to the end though. However, it also makes sense. Unlike the protagonists in Sex and the City, Girls’ girls are silly, selfish and, often, downright despicable in their behaviour towards one another. They are girls, not women. That was probably the point that the series’ title tried to stress: these are millenials who will screw over their best friends to get ahead, or just because. 

But in the end, I think Hannah, if no one else, finally grows up. 


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