Top Ten Nothing

I won’t be participating in the Top Ten Tuesday meme every week, but only when I feel I have a Top Ten I want to list, Like, duhh. Why force a meme, right?

MostlyLit_33000-1In other news, I listened to the Mostly Lit podcast today while making lunch and was highly irritated by the hosts, Alex and Derek (there is a third host called Reckless Rai, a woman, but she was absent on this episode in which they talk about bell hooks with Imrie from the Melanin Millennials podcast). Then I found out they are 20-something-year-old men bois. This explains a lot, including probably why they’d never heard of The Unbearable Lightness of Being (one of them was reading the book but didn’t know the film, the other hadn’t heard of either). On the other hand, perhaps I’m expecting too much of people who claim to be readers. Don’t know. Alex (far left) is quite dishy though.

P.S. For obvious reasons, I didn’t like how Alex, Derek and Imrie dismissed all Nigerians as ‘really rude’. Really, how can you say an entire people are whatever it is you’ve decided they are? All Nigerians? Unfortunately, there was no one to ask them what they meant by such a sweeping statement.


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