Travellin’ Light

Ugh, I have so many clothes. I have clothes that I bought in 1990. WTF.

I have clothes that I have not worn in years and years. I have clothes that I will never be able to get into again. I have clothes that I’d forgotten I ever owned.

Sorting through my closet, I’m finding it so hard to get rid of the stuff I’m unearthing. What the hell is wrong with me? Am I a hoarder? Actually, I know I am. Not extreme, but I definitely am a bit of a pack rat. Look at all the things I have – stuff that are encased in layers of dust because I have not used it for years and years, because they are useless, or at least not relevant to my life.

I’ve had to be ruthless and I know it’s the right thing to be because once the outfit or the magazine or toy or whatever is in the bin liner, I cease to want it. I must make it a point not to do the same in Lagos. We have a huge house so it would be so easy for the junk to pile up, especially as I am a sucker for baubles.



I need at least one of these letterpress trays to display my treasures, none of which I am discarding because each piece means something to me. I have wanted one of these tray since I saw one used for this purpose in England. You can get them on eBay still. Another cool way to display knickknacks is in one of these tables with compartmentalised tops.


Ikea used to have one in their coffee table range, not sure if they still do, but I don’t think there’s a store in Lagos anyway. However, perhaps I can commission one from a local carpenter, and even something that looks like a letterpress tray. What fun.

As for my clothes, although I have already weeded out many items, I will have to discard even more. I am going to try to maintain a minimalist wardrobe, try being the operative word. Actually, I think it’s doable because I’ve always stuck to the same twenty or so items in my closet despite having dozens more. Apart from anything else, I don’t want to spend all of my 30kg luggage allowance on clothes. Hmm … maybe I should pack as if I’m going on a fortnight’s vacation ….

I’ve actually been reading fashion blogs and started a board on Pinterest for capsule wardrobes of various kinds. Who knows I may write my own capsule wardrobe guide one of these days 😉


Minus the winterwear of course!


5 thoughts on “Travellin’ Light

  1. There’s something appealing about display cases / cabinets with their compartments. It’s the selection that is magnetic, how each item is individual and yet speaks to its neighbours. And the cabinet can be an artwork in itself, an installation where you can express yourself in however many ways you choose.

    As for clothes. I don’t know what you’re expecting in Lagos, but I’m assuming that you’d want to pick up what takes your fancy there! Emily and I have both had our ‘colours done’ with House of Colour (similar to Color Me Beautiful) and we’ve discarded anything and everything that didn’t suit us. Depending on which ‘season’ we each are our clothes are now ranged by hue and function, making it so much easier to pick out what we want/need to wear without all that previous angst!

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  2. I’m quite proud of myself: trimmed clothes down to 37 items (excluding sleepwear and clothes for schlepping around the house). My clothes are mostly black, with some white, red, shades of blue and dark green. Anything patterned are in those colours too. I may have some room in my luggage for books.


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