Woman Reading in a Cashmere Shawl by John Singer Sargent

This has been me since Friday. But ill. So ill. As I’ve just said to a friend wishing me a speedy recovery, ‘Sleeping all day is only satisfying when you don’t have to, but just want to’.

I’ve been trying to read but as I’m mostly half asleep or coughing my lungs up, even that isn’t as enjoyable as it would normally be. I abandoned A Stranger in Olondria because I want to be fully conscious when I read it. Decided to sample some erotic fiction instead, and chose (at random) the second book in a series about werewolves who, in pairs, fix on a mate.

Why in pairs? Cos threesomes are kinkier – as if the wolfy element weren’t enough? – I may have to read the first book to understand the exact rationale behind this quirk. I finished the second book (bland, silly, annoying) and started on the third, only to find that it’s laughably similar to number two. For instance, both books feature several scenes in which either of the werewolves in question need help showering, resulting in their intended mate having to strip off in order to scrub their backs. Really? I don’t remember this being necessary when I was a Staff Nurse!

P.S. Why did I read book three when book two was so dumb? Because I wanted something mindless and I had fun laughing at how stupid the stories were.

2 thoughts on “Bedrest

  1. Clearly not in the category of so-bad-it’s-good, then! Maybe good-for-a-laugh?

    Sending you Get Well Soon wishes. The best spin I can give on feeling that ill is that one’s justifiably absolved from work, but it’s a real bummer when you can’t even enjoy a good read.

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  2. Thank you. I feel better, but the coughing seems to be worse 😦 Am due to travel to Penang on Friday (to see two favourite aunts, my mother’s younger sisters) and I hope I will be well by then. I have to catch up on your posts. Have not been reading blogs 😦

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