Reading Plans for 2017

I read sixty three books in 2016, including many re-reads (Antonia Forest, Barbara Pym, Enid Blyton). I hope for more time to read this year. That is my dearest reading wish.

I would also like to read work by the following authors: Flora Nwapa; Octavia Butler; Nisi Shawl; Erin Bow; Rainbow Rowell; Dudu Busani Dube.

I would like to re-read Megan Whalen Turner; Susan Cooper; Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Those are my plans for now.




3 thoughts on “Reading Plans for 2017

  1. I do hope that 2017 is a good reading year for you, Daphne. I’ve forgotten when it is that you relocate but no doubt you’ll be able to take most if not all of your library with you? Anyway, all the best for the coming year and I hope you’ll be able to continue doing what it is that most delights you.

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    • I think you’ll have enough on your plate without even thinking of prioritising despatching freebies to me! I’ll be grateful whenever they turn up, or even if it never happens!


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