I Love Watermelon

Yes, I have a thing about watermelon. I used to eat a lot of it as a child, not so much now, but paintings and photographs of watermelons make me happy.

I remember the first time I saw a yellow watermelon. I must have been about eight and I’d just got back from school. As usual I walked into the kitchen for lunch and found my uncle (my mother’s youngest brother, Sam) was there, with my Ma. The moment he saw me he asked me to shut my eyes and tell him what colour watermelon was. Of course I said Red. Then he asked me to open my eyes and I saw slices of yellow watermelon on a platter on the kitchen table.

Does yellow watermelon taste different? Back then, I was convinced they were sweeter, or that their sweetness was different – more intense, warmer, like morning sunshine.

I’ve actually just started a Watermelon folder on Pinterest. These are are some of the images I’ve saved …


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