Top Ten Tuesday: For these gifts I thank the universe

Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by  The Broke and the Bookish) is essentially an American meme one and so the theme this week is Thanksgiving.

Books I’m thankful for? I’m thankful for all books, even the badly written ones.

What I’m thankful for …

The roof over my head.

Never having to go hungry.

My family.

My friends.

My partner, Don.

My cat.

My book collection, which includes trashy, badly written novels.

The Intersectional Solidarity and Finishing School Facebook groups I belong to.

Living in a relatively peaceful country.

Never having had to deal with natural disasters.

And lots more.

It’s good to stop and think about all the things that aren’t wrong with my life. The problem is I tend to get caught up with daily worries and stress, and just focus on my aches and pains and difficulties. Things are fine. All will be well.




3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: For these gifts I thank the universe

  1. You’ve got a great list here. I was telling my partner recently that I am thankful for the Facebook groups I belong to as well (and the black-centered podcasts that I listen to since I live in a place where there aren’t many black people at all). My TTT


  2. Pretty much everything I’m thankful for too, I’m pleased to note. 🙂 Good for all of us, even for us non-Americans, to focus on what we’re grateful for. Except … surely we should be doing this for more than just one day in the year?

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