Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Recent Kindle Uploads

I’ve modified this week’s Top Ten Tuesday meme (hosted by  The Broke and the Bookish) and instead of recent additions to my TBR list, I’m doing recent Kindle uploads.

I’ve kind of given up on TBR lists because they don’t work for me. That is, I can’t stick to them. However, I guess as far as reminding myself of what I haven’t read but want to, they’re pretty useful.

Anyway, I bought my Kindle as a self-care gift about three years ago, following a bad break-up. I have a Paperwhite and I love it so much. I love the non-glare, paperlike look of the screen and I love the fact that I can adjust font type and SIZE (so I don’t have to worry about wearing my reading glasses); I love that I can highlight text and make notes, I love the built-in dictionary, and I love that I can go on holiday with thousands of books in my bag.

I have no problem with Kindle books not being ‘real book’. No, I’m not the type that gets all emotional about the smell of books and the feel of pages between my fingers. I do like a beautifully made book, and I want to own physical copies of all my favourites, but as far as reading goes, it’s the words that count with me, and I’m happy reading them in any format that allows me to do so in bed and while I’m eating.

These are my ten recent uploads:


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