I don’t mind spoilers. For anything.

Tell me how the book ends. Reveal the twist in the movie plot. I don’t care. It’s likely I’ll ask you anyway. And I often turn to the back of a book I’m reading because I want to know. I have to know.

As their name suggests, spoilers tell details about books or movies or TV shows that will (supposedly) spoil them for the reader and viewer because they reveal a major plot point, or twist, a character’s secret identity and so on. Usually, spoilers take all the tension out of a narrative cos they answer those questions that keep you at the edge of your seat, and turning the pages. Knowing what is going to happen takes the fun out of the experience for lots of people. But not for me.

For me, not knowing is painful. The tension is unbearable and distracting, and interferes with my enjoyment. Will they escape? Is she going to tell him the truth? Should he do this or that? Do they fall in love? If it’s a matter of life and death, I would definitely rather know. If I like the outcome, I can continue with good cheer. If I the end is a sad one, I’m at least prepared for the worst. Knowing never means the book (or movie) is ruined. In fact, it might be improved as I won’t be racing through, in a hurry to find out what finally happens; or skimming to spare myself disappointment. Also, for me, it’s the entire story that matters, not just key points. That’s why I can re-read favourite books (yes, even whodunits) countless times. It’s the journey (getting from start to finish, learning about the characters, finding out why things happen) that matters, not the destination (conclusion).




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