It’s in the trees! It’s coming!


I’ve been singing Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill in the car a lot lately. The reasons are not a mystery to me, but I don’t feel like going into them right now.

I made a funeral playlist on YouTube a while back and that song is in it. A funeral playlist is not supposed to consist of funereal songs – that is not my interpretation anyway. I chose songs that are significant to me and my life, and there should be many more than just twelve songs, so I will add to it by and by.

The Hounds of Love (Kate Bush’s 1985 album) was released in 1985. I was eighteen and I remember leaping around my room to Running Up the Hill (the first single), and falling in love with The Ninth Wave, the concept piece on Side B.  


The Ninth Wave comprises seven songs which tell the story of a drowning girl, or a girl adrift at sea – slipping in and out of consciousness, hallucinating, remembering, imagining. It’s a bloody terrifying song, some parts downright nightmarish.

Listen for yourself … The Ninth Wave starts at 21:02. The rest of the album is also excellent:


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