Ten Books I’d buy with a Fully-Loaded Giftcard

It’s Top Ten Tuesday. For this week’s installment of the meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, we’re listing books that we’d buy this second if we were handed a fully-loaded giftcard.

Do giftcards have a spending limit? Can you load a million dollars into one? Because you can buy a million dollars worth of book vouchers – imagine getting that for Christmas!

To make things more difficult and real, I’ve given myself a limit of RM1,000. That’s about USD250/220 Euros/AUD325/SGD331. Some of the books I chose were from listings on ABE because they’re out of print. Quite a few are reprints by Grey Ladies and Persephone Books. My total ended up being RM856 or thereabouts. (I didn’t factor in postage).

The books:

(First row, from left)

  1. The Third Eye by Ethel Lina White (This sounds absolutely gorgeous, set in a school whose headmistress and matron hold seances!)
  2. They Were Sisters by Dorothy Whipple (I have Something At a Distance and The Priory, also published by Persephone Books. Truth is, I covet all Whipple’s books. No, make that all books published by Persephone.)
  3. The Winter is Past by Noel Streatfeild (I’ve loved Streatfeild since I was in primary school and read Ballet Shoes. I also like the books she wrote for adults and this one sounds like another winner.)
  4. This is Lagos and Other Stories by Flora Nwapa (Nwapa is one of Nigeria’s first woman authors. I have actually ordered this book from ABE and am eagerly waiting its arrival.)
  5. The Weather on the Streets by Rosamond Lehmann (One of my favourite dead white women authors. I have a number of her books, including Invitation to the Waltz, to which this is the sequel.)

(Second row from left)

  1. Mistresses of Mystery: Two Centuries of Suspense Stories by the Gentle Sex, edited by Seon Manley & Gogo Lewis (With cover art by Edward Gorey and stories by writers like Dorothy L. Sayers, Edith Wharton, Edith Nesbit, Monica Dickens, is it any wonder I want this book?)
  2. Swish of the Curtain by Pamela Brown (I have wanted to read this book for years and years. I love novels set in the world of the performing arts, and that explains the following three titles.)
  3. While the Music Lasted by Kitty Barne (the sequel to She Shall Have Music)
  4. She Shall Have Music by Kitty Barne
  5. Death Goes Dancing by Mabel Esther Allan (Plus it’s a murder mystery!)




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