This evening, I counted my Diana Wynne Jones books for the first time ever. I have thirty-seven. I used to have The Skiver’s Guide, but gave it away. Regret it, but oh, well.

charles and dwj

Here’s my cat Charles with some of my DWJs.

dwj chrestomanci

My Chrestomancis.

dwj top 10

My present Top 10. I wonder if it will change after my re-read.

dwj dalemark

My Dalemarks.

DWJ others

The rest.

5 thoughts on “My DWJs

  1. The background to your main photo looks to be my kind of library! Only the shelves need to be a little more full …

    You’ll be needing a new Dark Lord soon, I see. 🙂 At least you remind me that there are still a handful of titles I still need to get, or at least read.

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    • A few of my bookcases collapsed and I had to get cheap replacements with shelves that are impractically spaced. This is why the books are stacked so strangely. Also, there is no order in the arrangement. And I have many (many) more books in my wardrobe. I guess I’ll wait til the books get shipped to Nigeria before I organise them.

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