I. Cannot.

I was channel surfing today at Don’s, and ended up watching a Malay teledrama called Embargo. It had pretty tacky production values and bad acting, and the story was like WTF ridiculous, but I had to keep watching to the end (and it just got worse and worse).

 Embargo is about a journalist, Faradilla (who works in the quietest, emptiest newsroom on the planet), a divorcee with two young children. She meets Khalid, a married man whose wife, Malina suspects him of being unfaithful.

Khalid’s marriage to Malina is his second, but I started watching midway through the movie so I’m not sure if he started dating Malina before or after his divorce. If he’d been unfaithful to his first wife with Malina, it’s no wonder Malina is suspicious now. But in any case, she’s portrayed as this crazy woman who is permanently seething with rage and jealousy.

Except, her jealousy and rage are actually pretty justified because Khalid obviously has the hots for Faradilla (Dilla to her friends) whom he meets at the desserts table at a hotel lunch buffet. Thing is, the way the situation is framed, it looks like Khalid has been driven into the arms of Faradilla because it’s just so unpleasant hanging around the green-eyed Malina.

In the meantime, Faradilla keeps Khalid at arms-length, physically, but bonds with him mentally and emotionally. She spends a hell of a lot of time with him, and although she’s portrayed as nice and calm and pleasant and reasonable (in direct contrast to Malina), it’s like HELLO, WHAT ARE YOU DOING, YOU IDIOT? HE’S MARRIED!

Malina’s suspicions mount and with good reason as Khalid isn’t home much. He says he’s entertaining clients, and he’s lying of course, but he’s not portrayed as the bad guy – Malina is because she shouldn’t be questioning her poor, hard-working husband.

Khalid tells Dilla he loves her and that he wants to marry her. Eventually, they do marry, in secret, and there’s a scene in which she advises him not to reveal their relationship to Malina. Dilla also tells him to take Malina to see a psychiatrist as it’s obvious her extreme jealousy is a mental condition O_o

Dilla is shown to be thoughtful and kind, acting in Khalid and Malina’s best interest. How could Khalid not love this woman!

He takes Malina to see a shrink, and then tells her that she must stop being paranoid about his infidelity. (Err, it’s not paranoia. Her husband really does have another woman! )

And Dilla – the supposedly sweet and sensible Dilla – doesn’t feel like she’s doing anything wrong by secretly marrying someone else’s husband!

Anyway, Malina soon shows great improvement  as a wife (i.e. she stops listening to the instincts that tell her that her husband is a lying scumbag), and Khalid is the happiest man alive! He has two sexy women to call his own, and even lines up back-to-back holidays with each of them. Unfortunately, following his return from his trip with Malina, he crashes his car and dies on his ICU bed. Malina, the dutiful wife, is by his side, and hears him utter his last word, ‘Dillaaaa …’

The final scene of the movie is at Khalid’s grave site: Faradilla is thanking God for having given her the chance to be the bastard’s (second) wife when Malina arrives armed with a bunch of flowers and a mat (Don: Is she planning to have a picnic?). The two women meet and Dilla tells Malina that she was one of Khalid’s clients. (Aww, how considerate.) But then she introduces herself and Malina is immediately suspicious. Is Faradilla actually Dilla? She tells the other woman that Dilla was the name Khalid had said on his deathbed, but Dilla says that it was probably because they were supposed to meet to go over some important documents. Aww, she’s so nice, isn’t, she, and her reward is knowing that she was the very last thing on the piece of shit’s mind.

I have nothing more to say at this point.

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