In the end


Why are so many men interested in anal sex, with a woman?

‘Do you do anal?’ they ask, eagerly, hopefully.

‘Do you?’

‘No! I’m not gay!’ they answer, indignantly, invariably.

So, only gay men have anal sex. Only gay men enjoy anal sex. (This, by the way, isn’t even true. I know gay men who do not enjoy anal sex.)

In any case, if it were true, about having to be a gay man to like anal sex, then why do they believe that a woman would like it? Or does liking anal sex not come into it, if you’re a woman?After all, a woman might not even enjoy vaginal sex with a man. She might find her boy friend’s oral technique a bore, but still put up with it. She might agree to anal just to please a man. Right?

One man I had the usual anal conversation with said that he believed a woman’s G-spot is more easily stimulated through the rectum. He wasn’t interested about access to a man’s prostate gland.

Logic does not come into it.

Also, there’s porn. The women always look like they LOVE ANAL.

‘Go on, try it. Who knows, you might love it.’

‘OK, but only if you try it too. No, not with a man. With a dildo. Or a courgette.’

‘No! I’m not gay!’

These men are stupid. And cowards.

Tell me you’re willing to take in up the bum too, and I’ll return the favour. Otherwise, just shut up.

P.S. I know there are women who like having anal sex, but that’s a topic for another post.

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