Playing snatch

I was so distracted by Hannah’s reaction to Adam and Jessa being together that I forgot that she flashes the principal of her school in the very first scene of the episode.

Actually, when I first watched the scene I thought she was wearing lacy underwear. It turns out that she was not. She wasn’t wearing anything at all, and in an interview she says she thought that having a fuller bush would have worked better.

Yeah, I think I mistook her skimpy pubic hair for lace.


‘So, can you believe it – I opened my underwear drawer this morning and … nothing but socks!’
Anyway, I thought the scene was funny and typically Hannah-ish. I didn’t find it sexually provocative or suggestive. I don’t think it was about sex. It was about power, as far as Hannah was concerned, although the Principal, her boss, was probably sexually intimidated, and maybe even stimulated.

From Hannah’s conversation with Fran, it seems that the sight of her vagina so disturbed (?) her boss that he couldn’t continue berating her for her inappropriate behaviour in class.

I can imagine the memory haunting him for weeks after. And I can imagine him being aroused by it, and being horrified at being aroused by it.

As for Fran, he is shocked that Hannah would do something like that. Adam would probably have laughed, but Fran isn’t that sort of guy. Fran’s the sort of guy who keeps naked pics of his exes, remember? Hmm.

I didn’t like the way he spoke to Hannah about interrupting him and rolling her eyes at him. It was like she was one of his students, and I thought Hannah would remark on it. I guess she had more pressing things on her mind:

‘Oh, so now I’m not supposed to show my vagina to anyone but you, Fran? It’s about to besummer.’

Would you show your vagina to anyone, in the same way Hannah did? I think it would be an interesting experiment, but I can just imagine it backfiring. You might end up being groped or worse. Of course, if that was your goal anyway ….


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