Girly pleasure

I guess Lena Dunham’s Girls is my guilty pleasure. Guilty because there’s so much about the series that annoys me, including that it’s just wayyyyy too white, and just about every character is a whiny, spoilt, selfish brat. I shouldn’t enjoy but, to quote ABBA, ‘I do, I do, I do, I do, I do.’

Not a nice bone in any of these characters.
At some point in the first four seasons, I realised that every single character in Girls is nasty and narcissistic. Did I know this in Season 1? I can’t remember, but back then I was all starry eyed over the series having fat central character. (For the record, I don’t think Lena Dunham is fat, but eight out of  10 of my friends would  think she is, and she is certainly fat by Hollywood standards.)

I still like that the lead in Girls  doesn’t have a flat stomach and a thigh-gap. Frankly, it’s a relief seeing Lena Dunham, as Hannah, wobble all over the place, and naked too, and for that reason alone, I’m happy that Girls  exists and I’ll be sad to see it go (apparently Season 6 will be its last).


A real Girl
However, could the characters be more self-centred? Perhaps it’s being in my 40s that makes me want to knock all their heads together. Wasn’t I as stupid in my 20s? Yes, I was. But as mean? And as self-absorbed? I honestly don’t think so.

However, could the characters be more self-centred? Perhaps it’s being in my 40s that makes me want to knock all their heads together. Wasn’t I as stupid in my 20s? Yes, I was. But as mean? And as self-absorbed? I honestly don’t think so.
Remember Sex and the City?  See, I ended up also thinking that series was much too white. I also felt that the women were too physically perfect. However, the characters were actually good to one another. They were supportive and caring, and they often put other people before themselves. They were in their 30s and then 40s though, and Samantha even turned 50 at some point, didn’t she? Perhaps Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha were monsters in their 20s. Perhaps Hannah, Jessa, Shoshanna and Marnie will grow into better people. Perhaps they won’t. Some people don’t, after all. We will never know unless there’s a Girls movie some way down the road.

‘See, we were never as self-centred because we’re not Millennials.’
Anyway. Season 5. It took me six weeks to start watching, and so, it was six episodes over three or so days. I have to say, I wish there were 20 more to go instead of just four. I found myself laughing out loud quite a bit in the first five episode, although this was mainly because of Ray. Ray, by the way, has all the best lines. And I think he always has.

Jessa and Marnie, my two least favourite characters, are still totally unappealing. At least I still laugh at many of the totally outrageous things that Marnie says (in Epi 1, in which she gets married, she describes her cultural heritage as ‘white Christian woman.’). With Jessa, I just end up wondering what the point is. Oh, she’s very beautiful, that’s right. Seriously though, she does have a lovely face, and her naked body is pleasingly not Hollywood-tight either, but her plummy British accent is the most interesting thing about her character, which is saying nothing at all. They might as well have offered the part to Hugh Grant.


‘Wait, did someone just call us unappealing?’
Also, Adam. Adam and Jessa. Adam. And. Jessa. I mean how disgusting is that? May they destroy one another in the most spectacular way ever. OK, maybe that is not very nice, but then again, they aren’t real people, so I think it’s alright to wish them every unhappiness.

Adam was actually my favourite character in Girls. He’s a dick, but I’ve been able to forgive his dickery. But Jessa? Really? No longer a favourite with me now he’s plumbed that hussy’s depths.

I amit that I want it to be Hannah-and-Adam. I just like them together, for no good reason. Or, if I have one, I haven’t worked it out yet. As far as I can tell, I’ve just liked them together, from the word ‘go’ – even when the relationship was totally weird and dysfunctional.

Hannah’s current boyfriend is just meh. And that pics folder on his phone that’s full of naked photos of his exes is just wrong. I can’t believe why no one could understand Hannah’s anger over that.

I’m hoping Adam-and-Jessa is just something that has to happen in order for both Adam and Hannah to work out that they’re what’s best for one another. Ugh, I can’t believe how stupid that sounds.

Anyway, let’s see where this season takes us and them.  I shall write another post after Epi 10’s credits role.


It’s bad sex in the city.

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