Have you cuddled laterly?

So there’s an app that allows you to connect with people who want to cuddle. Truly.

It’s called cuddlr and I downloaded it last night and saw, to my morbid fascination, that there were four Malaysian guys listed as wanting to cuddle. One of them was just five minutes away from me!

Cuddling is no big deal. It’s weird to cuddle with a stranger, but in the grand scheme of weirdness, it’s pretty tame stuff. For all I know someone has created a used-panties app, but, let’s go down that road another day, shall we?

For now … cuddlr.


I have requested cuddles from three of the guys listed (because one seems to have de-listed himself) and one of them (whom I’ll call Lim) has accepted my request. When I hit the Tap to Cuddle button I get a map showing me the guy’s location (a pretty dodgy feature, I think). A message then pops up.

‘Hello!’ he says.

I ask him what the deal is and if he wants to cuddle. He doesn’t reply. Is it just me, or is it more awkward asking for a cuddle than for sex? Is this what we’ve come to?

In this article about cuddlr, the journalists says that all but one of the people she connected with on the app chickened out. And yet, not many people I’ve met on Tinder have chickened out of meetings.

Lim eventually replies with a sheepish ‘Ha Ha’ and ‘I don’t know. What are you up to?’

Is cuddlr just for people who are too cowardly to go on Tinder? Is ‘cuddle’ a euphemism for ‘fuck’?

Even if someone genuinely wanted to cuddle, it would take a lot to ask a total stranger for it. I’d expect random men to want to sleep with me – that’s what a great many men are like, right? But I have to admit, if some bloke I’d met on Tinder said that all he wanted was to cuddle, I’d be suspicious.

Do I want to cuddle? Heck no, not with these guys, but I’m curious about what cuddlr’s users want to get out of the app. Do they secretly hope for sex? Do they see it as a quirky sort of dating app? Are they just lonely and desperate for some kind of physical connection with another person?

Lim seems to have disappeared and the other two users have not responded so I think I’ll have to wait to find out more.

Watch this space for updates.

3rd April, 2015

In the end, not a single cuddle was shared. No one accepted my cuddle requests and no one requested to cuddle me.

I don’t think the vagueness of the app helped, but I’m really unsure if people are comfortable asking perfect strangers for cuddles. Strangely enough, arranging sex with strangers is not a problem.

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