Turq-ish Delight

Trawling my old blog for posts to transfer here, I came across this post (written in 2005!) about signing up for NanoWriMo.

The following was what I said about the novel I was (supposedly) writing:

It’s about a girl named Turq. She likes wearing lots of eyeliner and very few pieces of clothing. She is addicted to white chocolate and Tulip cocktail sausages. And she’s crazy about vampires. Or the idea of vampires. She’s obsessed with Anne Rice and Sookie Stackhouse. The bottom line is she wants to sleep with a vampire. So much so, she pretends her boyfriend is one, which really gets up his nose because he’s a born-again Christian. So, there he is, trying very hard not to have sex in the first place and now he also has to cope with a girlfriend who keeps trying to make him bite her neck and cringe at the sight of crucifixes. How inconvenient ….

Ha ha ha. WTF. Well, obviously (OBVIOUSLY) I didn’t write it. Damn.


Turq, trying to persuade her long-suffering, born-again Christian boyfriend that fresh blood is preferable to a hamburger.

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